Time to Winterize your boat!

The frost is on the pumpkin, so guess what? Time to winterize! If you’re a new boat owner on Lake Wylie and have never had to winterize your boat, don’t panic. It isn’t that difficult. But don’t put it off too long, either! The time and effort you spend now will save you boatloads in the spring.

The best place for your boat during the winter is out of the water, under cover. Whether on a lift or on a trailer on your driveway, make sure your boat is covered with a tarp or fitted boat cover. If you must leave your boat in the water over the winter, be sure to close all seacocks and gate valves in order to protect the thru-hulls.

You should check your owner’s manual of your boat for information on winterizing, but here is some basic information:

Fuel: Fill your fuel tank to avoid a build up of condensation over the winter months. (Condensation can lead to corrosion and clogging.) Add a fuel stabilizer. Change the fuel filter and water separators.

Inboard Engine: First, change the oil (best done when the engine is warm, so that impurities in the oil are drained away.) Change the oil filters. Then flush the engine with fresh water. Circulate antifreeze through the manifold by using a pickup hose from the waterpump to a bucket of antifreeze. Check the fluid in the tranmission.

When an engine is not being used, oil tends to settle at the bottom, exposing pistons and valves to air and humidity, which can cause corrosion. To avoid this, remove the spark plugs and spray “fogging oil” inside the carburetor. Then, clean and replace the spark plugs.

Replace the engine’s old gear oil with fresh oil. You can dispose of any used oil at an authorized recycling center.

Interior: Open all drawers and bins and clean thoroughly. Leave refrigerators, hatches, etc. open so that air can circulate. Of course, make sure to remove any food, valuables, and flammables. If possible, bring cushions and life jackets inside. At the very least, turn cushions up on ends to prevent growth of mildew. You can also use moister absorber products such as “Damp Away” to absorb excess moisture while your boat is under wraps for the winter.

If this all sounds intimidating to you, you can take your boat to a marine service center and and they’ll do it all for you. Visit my website for a list of local Lake Wylie Boat Service and Repair.

Whatever option you choose, do not neglect this maintenance chore. When that first beautiful spring day arrives, you want to be enjoying your boat on Lake Wylie. You don’t want to spend that gorgeous day joining the long waiting list who need boat repairs because they didn’t get around to properly winterizing their boats!

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for damage or injuries that may occur as a result of this information.

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Upcoming Boat Parade on Lake Wylie

One of the highlights of the Christmas season in Lake Wylie is the annual “Lights on the Lake” boat parade.  Launched from T-Bones on the Lake, the brightly lit boats sail towards the Buster Boyd Bridge, circle around in front of Riverpointe, and pass by the Lake Wylie boat landing.  Most of the crowds gather along the shorelines of Lake Wylie near the boat landing, and cheer favorites as they sail by.

In the past couple of years, the event has grown, with “Christmas by the Lake” set up waterfront at the boat landing.  Various businesses and churches offer free hot chocolate, campfires for roasting marshmallows, a live nativity scene, and live music.


Boat entries are judged based on creativity, theme, and showmanship.  New participants are encouraged! Just sign up with the Lake Wylie Chamber to register your entry.

Tips for photographing the parade along the waterfront:  use a tripod if possible.  You’ll want to shoot with a high ISO, because you’ll need to shoot with a speed at least 1/125 of a second, as the boats are moving.  Shoot without a flash.

Hope to see you at the parade!  For more Lake Wylie holiday events and the best Lake Wylie real estate information, visit TheLakeWylieMan.com.


Should I give my home listing a rest over the holidays?

Thanksgiving, holiday parties, Christmas, company, New Year’s festivities, snow . . . all can make showing your home a bit tricky during the winter months.  I am often asked by Lake Wylie homeowners whether or not to keep listing their home over the holidays.  Some sellers choose to take their homes OFF the market during this season.  In fact, home-for-sale inventory on the MLS always drops during the months of November – January.

However, buyers ARE still active during these months.  Some take advantage of school and holiday vacations to visit and search for homes, preparing for a relocation after the first of the year.  For other buyers, the winter time search fits in with their life change needs.  For local waterfront buyers, a winter time purchase means that they’ll have their new lake home to enjoy during the whole spring and summer season!


Homes dressed up for the holidays can be warm and inviting, and the buyers enjoy seeing homes with festive decor.  With shorter daylight hours, however, agents need to be aware of when a home will show at its best.  For instance, if the home is waterfront on Lake Wylie and has a beautiful lake view, the agent will want to make sure to show it in daylight hours, particularly if they want to walk to the dock and show the outside features of the property.

What to do when company is in town?  With our Charlotte MLS, showing restrictions are not a problem to set up.  Let your listing agent know which days or times are inconvenient for showings.  Agents and buyers understand that there will be more restrictions than usual during the holiday season, and can often accommodate alternative times in the showing schedule.  Communication is the key!

Thanks for reading, and visit my Seller Resources page for more advice on selling your home and other Lake Wylie real estate topics!