Spring into Lake Wylie Real Estate

Spring is on the horizon and I’m starting to see folks get out and enjoy the lake — which means that calls from potential buyers will start to pick up as people ride by “for sale” signs along the shorelines.


We’re barely into the year and already there are some surprises. For one, the market had 13 waterfront home closings on Lake Wylie in February. We’ve been tracking and analyzing Lake Wylie sales data for 17 years and have never seen that many properties sold this early in the year. Most were standard closings, using conventional mortgages with closing periods from 6-8 weeks in duration. A few were “quick” closes — three weeks or less, with cash terms. Some buyers, particularly those in a competitive bidding situation, offer the seller quick close dates to give themselves an advantage when the seller is considering multiple offers.


At a glance, 2024 sales to date on Lake Wylie:

Off the water, home sales in the area have been about the same compared to last year, with prices holding steady. One significant change is the time on market, now averaging 47 days (about a week and a half longer than last year). We’ve seen similar trends on the lake, with the average time on market now stretching out to 51 days.


Prior to the pandemic, homes on Lake Wylie took an average of 16-20 weeks to sell, while homes off the lake took an average of 6-8. Now, homes sell much more quickly, both on and off the lake. Demand still outpaces supply — with buyers waiting in the wings, frequently checking for new listings.


Inventory remains tight. Five years ago, in 2019, there were 92 waterfront homes and 88 waterfront lots listed on Lake Wylie. Half of the homes listed were priced under $800,000. Today, there are 37 waterfront homes listed — with 70% priced over $1 million — and only 31 lots.


The average asking price for waterfront lots currently listed is $725,000. Four of the highest priced lots are large acreage parcels (8-12 acres in The Sanctuary, plus a couple of large parcels off of Concord Road). McLean – South Shore is contributing to the high average with ten lots — all around three quarters of an acre in size — listed for $650,000 – $950,000, most of which are under contract. Depending on the area of the lake, premium waterfront properties offering wide views and convenient access are selling at prices never before seen on Lake Wylie.


If you’d like to take a look at more details for recent sales on Lake Wylie, visit my webpages Recent Waterfront Home Sales and Recent Waterfront Lot Sales. I’d be glad to help you determine the expected sales price for your own property, should you be considering a move. Just give me a call or shoot me an email.


In the meantime, enjoy spring!